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Capturing Smart-Phone Buyers


For a few years now, the idea of QR Barcodes have slowly been introduced. But more as a research tool, rather than a sales tool. Why? Why is the technology limited? What motivates a company from not using these as a sales tool? This month, we answer this question!


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The hype is LARGE! Branding a new identity and/or spearheading a new venture to capture more brand loyalty is continuing to become the hype in 2011. But don't we see a trend occurring...?


Employee Focus

I can't tell you the number of seminar's I have attended where they talk about leadership and action. Do this, do this, do this, etc. They all seem to have a constant theme, which by the way isn't wrong! In fact, most of the center of their thoughts are the same...



Forrester recently released a report advising most marketers wait to use location-based social networks (LBSN) as only 4% of the US population is currently using platforms such as Foursquare (the current market leader), and that the networks skew heavily male. They advise that brands that target young males experiment with the services and other brands adopt a “wait and see” approach. I couldn’t disagree more.


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