invyte™ Advertising GroupA brand of two separate worlds – Marketing guru’s and Internet geeks! These two worlds have created a unique and simple approach to helping businesses with effective results. The mastermind of this brand was formed to show businesses world-wide that brand discovery, marketing plans, advertising segments, and online campaigns can work together to revolutionize business.

DiamondLot is the 2nd largest photo, data and video collection service nationwide. We specialize in assisting automotive dealerships market their vehicles on the internet.

We start with the dealership first!

  • We do a FULL walk around of each vehicle ensures the most accurate data collection.

  • We hang digital quality, full color window stickers.

  • We pull the vehicles in a location for our professional photography sessions.

  • We place an audit sticker on the vehicle indicating we have successfully completed the process.

  • We are DiamondLot Arkansas, DiamondLot Colorado, DiamondLot Missouri and DiamondLot Nebraska.

Dealer Uplink was developed to provide a technology that connects the next generation of auto buyers with forward thinking automotive  dealers. We make a way for dealerships to capture savvy smartphone users by bringing the sales floor to the vehicle via mobile technology.

We provide your dealership FULL-ACCESS!

  • We provide a custom, copyrighted QR Barcode sticker for each vehicle - both NEW and USED Vehicles

  • We have 24/7 website access for all dealerships

Corporate SummaryFortune Development Group was founded in 2005 with the intention of being a Holding Company. Currently, the company owns and operates six businesses throughout Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Missouri and Nebraska and is led by Founder, CEO and Chairman Jay Martinez.