Dealer Uplink

Dealer Uplink was developed to provide a technology that connects the next generation of auto buyers with forward thinking automotive  dealers. We make a way for dealerships to capture savvy smartphone users by bringing the sales floor to the vehicle via mobile technology.


We provide your dealership FULL-ACCESS!

  • We provide a custom, copyrighted QR Barcode sticker for each vehicle - both NEW and USED Vehicles

  • We have 24/7 website access for all dealerships

Our clients utilize next generation smart-phone technology to build rapport, generate leads and provide 1-click access to photos, pricing, history reports, ratings and much more. By using our technology, we are now leading these next generation buyers!


We are the original innovator of Automotive QR Barcodes in the industry. With a simple idea, we lead the Nation in servicing dealers. This is the right time to join the next generation movement towards faster, smarter technology. Today is the day, only now will you capture these smart-phone buyers.

Each vehicle has our customized Dealer Uplink Stickers where buyers can scan the large barcode for vital information such as pricing, reviews, photos, carfax or autocheck links and much more! The other barcodes connect the buyer to the dealerships facebook page as well as the fastest growing dealership review company called DealerRater where the buyers can rate the dealer, add comments and help build the score of the dealer.