About Dealer Uplink

Dealer Uplink was developed to provide a technology that connects the next generation of auto buyers with forward thinking automotive dealers. We make a way for dealerships to capture savvy smartphone users by bringing the sales floor to the vehicle via mobile technology. In doing so, we are now leading these next-generation users with smart-solutions and a convergence of networking tools, which allow the dealership to capitalize on each displayed vehicle through various mediums providing instant connection for the buyer, seller, and the world.

The idea is simple and innovative. We used the QR Barcode platform and integrated it to our a new, state-of-the-art software specifically built for the automotive industry. By staying simple, we created leverage for both the consumer and the dealership. We provide a unique experience on the car-lot that no other company has yet to match and a technology yet to be exceeded. Using Dealer Uplink, these next-generation buyers can make buying decisions quicker, while providing the dealership with a simple way to build rapport while using technology the consumer is excited about.

- The Uplink Team