Fortune Development Group, LLC

Corporate SummaryFortune Development Group, LLC was founded in 2005 as a Holding company. They provide seed capital, management and executive leadership in forward thinking businesses. Currently, the company owns and operates five businesses in six states and is led by Founder, CEO and Chairman Jay Martinez.

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Dealer UplinkDealer UplinkDealer Uplink. Dealer Uplink provides a technology that connects the next generation of auto buyers with forward thinking automotive dealers using QR Barcodes. They make a way for dealerships to capture savvy smartphone users by bringing the sales floor to the vehicle via mobile technology and lead the industry in QR Barcode innovation.


invyte Advertising Groupinvyte Advertising Groupinvyte Advertising Group. The agency focuses on Strategic Marketing & Brand Implementation via New Media Advertising. The holding company (Fortune Development Group) and the founder of Team Media (international web-hosting company) joined forces and created invyte™ Advertising Group. The intention is to reach out to businesses who desire to revolutionize their core marketing efforts as it relates to their advertising. | This company is an Automotive Marketing business that specializes in HD photography, window sticker printing and VIN data collection of all new and pre-owned vehicles throughout the mid-west.

Territories Include: DiamondLot ArkansasDiamondLot ColoradoDiamondLot MissouriDiamondLot Nebraska

Fortune is an authorized distribution partner of the corporate company, based in Newport Beach, CA. DiamondLot was originally started due to the needs of auto dealers to print window stickers, and upload data and photos to the internet. For over 15 years, the brand has become synonymous with the industry as a primary leader and currently is the second largest data and photo collector in North America.

FortuneInvestmentsFortune Investments of MissouriFortune Investments of Missouri. This company focuses on purchasing, fixing and selling homes in the SW Missouri marketplace. They perform all remodel work and list each location FISBO. In rare circumstances, they will rent and/or lease properties to those who qualify as well as provide letters of intent to purchase the residence.


AdTrakRecordACallRecordACall. This company focuses on recording and tracking all incoming phone calls. Through various reports and via one-click internet capabilities, RecordACall clients know exactly what works and what doesn't work regarding their advertising and marketing efforts. The program also helps details such as calls answered, what was the busy time of day, where the call came from, etc. to assist the business in making smarter marketing decisions. The goal of the company is to help identify their target markets so their advertising efforts are more effective.


FortuneFocusFortuneFocusFortuneFocus. This company is a "small group" environment that is not only full of energy, but provides an outlet for executives to open their business to other executives in town and share ideas, issues and frustrations. The groups are broken into four categories: Associate, Manager, VP and CEO.