Fortune Investments of Missouri, LLC

4319 S National Ave,
Suite 119,
Springfield Missouri 65810

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MARCH, 2010:

Fortune Investments of Missouri, LLC, today announced an infusion of venture capital into an internet-based business in Springfield, Missouri. The details are remaining confidential as to the business name, terms, location and product being developed. The company will act as Managing Director and will place Jay Martinez as CEO inside the internet-based business.


Jay Martinez, FounderQuote: “This will be an incredible journey for our team. This new product being developed will change the way corporations track and earn funds via the internet as it relates to their employees. We are very proud to be spearheading the schedule and launch date. Look for future announcements in 2011."



Fortune Development Group LLC, today announced an infusion of start-up funds for Fortune Investments of Missouri, LLC. The new company will acquire, remodel and sell low to mid-income homes in the SW Missouri area while managing rental properties retained in their portfolio. The infusion of funds will go directly to the purchase of a new property located in Shell Knob, Missouri. This location has an existing business which the parent company will begin acquisition negotiations.

The company will be chaired by Jay Martinez as Managing Director, and will appoint Charles Williams as COO.


Jay Martinez, FounderQuote: “I grew up in the plumbing construction businesses as a kid. I worked side-by-side with my father at several jobs where I learned the art of a trade. I always knew I wanted to be involved in real estate investing, but until today, was not allocating the time to this new journey. This is serious business for me...not a hobby. We intend on capitalizing on each opportunity that comes across our board room and commit to capturing properties that provide the best chances of profit margin."