Fortune Investments of Missouri

Fortune Investments of Missouri, LLC has two sectors. The first is acquiring, remodeling and selling low to mid-income homes in the SW Missouri area while managing rentals in their portfolio.The second sector invests venture funds into new business opportunities including start-up's and re-investment capital needs.


Property Investments

The company acts as senior contractor for each property and often performs remodel work. We have found by focusing our energy on the remodel, it gives room to make more profit margin per property.

Each property is listed for-sale-by-owner (FISBO) to further capitalize on profit margin. However, we have found in certain areas of SW MO, we are benefited from having a licensed realtor. In rare circumstances, if the property does not sell in an appropriate time frame or offers are weak, they will rent and/or lease properties to those who qualify as well as provide letters of intent to purchase the residence.

Venture Capital Funding

The parent company, Fortune Development Group, was built by the founder without any venture funds, including all subsidiaries of the parent company. The core mission of the investment sector of the company is to invest, guide and capitalize on new business ventures as well as existing businesses in need of further funds under 5,000,000.00 dollars. Because venture capital is highly sought after, the company is very selective of the potential clients.

The company is currently looking for a business who plans to capture new online media marketing channels by way of expanding social media levels. The primary of this business would be to capture market share quickly via tight marketing budgets as well as an exit strategy within 8 years.

To work with a consultant, please send an executive summary to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and someone will contact you. Please DO NOT send any businesses plans or financial documents until further notified.

Prices in cheaper areas have now fallen well below the cost of renting. In some housing markets, gross rents exceed 10% of the price of a house. It does makes sense to buy in those places now. Housing prices could still fall more if unemployment rises or interest rates go up, but on a month-to-month basis, the buyer of a very cheap house wins. So the housing market is split.

Raising funds is NEVER easy. With the incredible influx of new businesses, We assure you, we understand your frustration. The question keeps you up a night, stressed during the day - we get it! Financial concerns can be the end of most start-up companies. We can help...get in touch with our team today!