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Acquires CallSource® distribution rights

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MARCH, 2010:

Fortune Development Group LLC, today announced promotion of Adam McGrath to Sales Director.  The promotion will allow for additional growth including expansion into Nebraska.

Jay Martinez, Founder and CEOQuote: “In the past few years of monitoring this business, this was one of the easiest decisions made to date. Adam is a high quality individual who deals with the highest character and integrity I have seen in a while. He is a great addition to the executive team."


MAY, 2006:

Fortune Development Group LLC, today announced acquisition of distribution rights of CallSource® in the mid-west United States. The acquisition will allow Fortune Development Group to sell to, distribute to and service the industries needing call tracking, monitoring, recording and reporting.

CallSource®, an integrated marketing, sales, training and management company, provides call-tracking, recording and analytics solutions that enable companies to measure advertising effectiveness, improve return on marketing investment, increase sales and enhance customer service. These strategic solutions are specifically designed to help companies capture more leads and achieve greater return on investment.

The acquisition will be chaired by Jay Martinez as CEO. The company will reserve the rights to doing business as


Jay Martinez, Founder and CEOQuote: “This was a natural fit for our company. With our growth being purposeful, our needs were first met by CallSource back in 2003 and 2004. When Fortune Development Group was founded, we knew we needed to enter into a mutual agreement to help build the CallSource brand. Without officially introducing the product to market, we have been able to capture a few clients. Look for this to become a critical part of our business."