RecordACall, LLC is an authorized distribution partner of CallSource, an industry leader in ad tracking, lead tracking, data collection, call recording and performance analytic services.

The focus of the organization is to provide clear, cut analysis of advertising and marketing efforts, and their prominent return on investment.  Several advertising agencies, along with marketing firms utilize our services to enhance their corporate offerings.

Through our exclusive affiliation, over 500,000 ads are currently being tracked! At our very core, we track advertising effectiveness.  We are a business dedicated to show real, tangible results for your marketing efforts.  We do this by placing our program inside each of your advertising mediums and/or marketing campaigns.

  • When your customers make contact with you, we track who, where and how!
  • We provide training and monthly consultations with excellent data and expert recommendations


With clean, concise data provided to our clients, the average business saves 10%-20% of their annual advertising budget!  They do this by knowing the cost per lead for each of their advertising mediums.  When a business knows exactly what works and what doesn't work, their decision making and budgets migrate into being more efficient.

In the ever-changing business world, making sound decisions are becoming increasingly critical to your bottom line - both structurally, and financially.  Right now, businesses are spending millions of dollars not knowing what is working and what is not working.  Several marketing and advertising agencies have benefited both financially and by reputation by providing our program to their clients.  The key is not just collecting the information - but rather doing something with it!

Why track and record phone calls?

1. You must manage what you can measure
2. Automatic reports and analysis make it easier to present to your board or CEO
3. We compare the effectiveness of each advertising medium side-by-side
4. Reveal your cost per lead by each advertisement such as radio, TV, internet mediums, etc
5. Help train your employees on handing customers more effectively

How RecordACall works!

* We first assign a national toll-free or local phone number to each ad campaign (medium)
* Automatic reports are generated to create measurable results for analysis
* Helps identify any performance gaps during sales calls and/or customer support calls
* Real-time reports identifying the cost per lead per ad campaign
* Full demographics are captured - such as name, phone, address, average income, population, etc
* 1-Click, online access to reports from your computer and/or compatible phone
* Never miss a call, email and/or lead with our instant notification service